BWTop | CLI tool to monitor network traffic rate

BWTop is my latest project in my Python learning path, I hope you all enjoy it 🙂


BWTop’s default behaviour is to monitor all interfaces and return with a KB/s rate every one second in a nice colourful output..

However you can customize the behaviour of the tool according to your needs by specifying some more options:

-i INTERFACE, –interface INTERFACE #This will return the statistics for the iface provided instead of all ifaces.

-t TIMEOUT, –timeout TIMEOUT #This will set the timeout to the provided value instead of 1s.

-d, –disable-colors #Disable colored output “enabled by default”

-s, –single-output #Print the output single time and exit

The tool is stable, you can rely on it..

Don’t forget to star it on GitHub if you liked it 😉



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